Company History

Be.Tube was set up on 2010 by engineers and technicians specialized in bimetallic and finned tubes addressed to heat exchangers.

On 2010 technical team of Be.Tube, after several years of applied research, registered an invention design patent about technology for manufacturing bimetallic tubes. The innovative method has already been applied in several applications and the final customers are highly satisfied in terms of quality and finished product price.  

During two-year period (2010/2011) the company increased the product range installing new manufacturing lines for further products: low-finned tubes and U-bent tubes.   

During two-year period (2012/2013) Be.Tube started turbulator production developing and patenting a new machine for producing turbulators made by strips and wire addressed to increase performances of air-cooler and tube bundles (increment of turbulence inside the heat exchanger tubes). On 2014 Be.Tube registered “Be.Ca. Engineering” trademark, after years of marketing analyses.  

During last years (2014/2016) Be.Tube increased production range introducing four new production lines: three production lines for extruded-finned tubes and one production line for embedded-finned tubes. Currently Be.Tube is supporting customers designing new products addressed to special applications such as condenser and evaporator tubes with inner grooves.